Secure payment via Paypal

We accept Visa and Mastercard via Paypal Secure Payment System for all international / Overseas orders in US Dollars only.


Internet Banking

Taiwan customers: if you choose to pay via Internet Banking or Direct Bank Deposit, please deposit the money into our bank account after Checkout. Please enclose your "Invoice Number" and "Your Name" when you deposit the money, so we can identify your payment and deliver it without delays. You are more than welcome to send us an E-mail at if you wish, to notify us that you have paid so that we can keep an eye on your order and payment. Bank details as follows:

Account Holder: Montaudio International Co., Ltd.
Bank Name: E. Sun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
Bank Code:808
Account No.:0680-940-053372

Modelshop Thank you for your business.